Sunday, May 15, 2011


Cyberjaya Fiesta 2011 is an event initiated by for the community of Cyberjaya and its international online viewers. It is a series of 4 events happening on 19th May, 30th June and 28th July, 29th September 2011 combining exciting sports and entertainment. It offers world class branding, marketing and PR opportunities for today’s leading brands.

To bring the local, regional, and international online community together into this interactive sports, recreations and entertainment.

To carry on the “live, study, work and play” culture to the mass especially to those who are interested in becoming Cyberjaya ICT community from any part of the world.

Event will be held in 4 series in May, June, July and September – Thursday of every month (YES THURSDAY / KHAMIS!!!!!)

* Extreme Games – Skate Cross Competition (1st ever in Malaysia)
* A live concert featuring 3 upcoming artist and a headliner on each event.
* C.R.C.C Cyberjaya Remote Control Car Championship 2011 (Drift Series)
* Cyberjaya Fiesta Autoshow & Autosallon Competition
* Cyberjaya Drift Autoshow
* Drift Demo by top Drifters – The Norman Brothers – Rudy and Johan
and many more.

The whole event will be broadcasted live and archived locally and globally on will be featured on branded news channel such as CNN, Fox News, TV guide, MSNBC and Bloomberg during it’s campaign in the United States

So make your way to Prima Avenue, Cyberjaya on 19th May 2011 @ 2pm. Yes it's on Thursday.

Here's the map location. Just look for Old Town Restaurant at Cyberjaya

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