Friday, December 24, 2010


From the love of longboarding and the passion of adventure travel, Skateventure was born.

On January 2011, Troy Bilbrough & Huw John are skating 3200km across Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Their mission & journey is for the benefit of Canteen New Zealand, which supports teenagers and their families who are living with cancer.

Skateventure will begin their journey on January 15 2011, in Pai Mae Hong Son; Northern Thailand. Then from Phuket they will be skating down the west coast towards Malaysia; and enter Malaysia through road 4184 and longboard down the western coast towards Kuala Lumpur and end in Singapore.

They have plan to skate the smaller roads as is it is illegal to skate on the highways in Malaysia. While in Malaysia, they will meet up with The Longboarders Guild and the Malaya Street Bombers and skate some of the local spots. They might drop by at Wheel Love Skateshop too.

Read more about them on their web!


Anonymous said...

hey..wanna ask...where can buy fingerboard at KL?really wanna play...

Anonymous said...

Zone 5 skateshop Times Square, Cool Element Bkt Bintang and Crazee Causa Sg Wang

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