Saturday, December 11, 2010


In the summer of 2006 a lone British longboarder, Dave Cornthwaite, has pushed off from Perth, Australia, with a world record 6,000 km of coastal road stretching ahead towards his final destination, Brisbane for charity.

Check it out more media coverage and videos on Board Free or Dave Cornthwaite or at youtube


Early 2010, Swedish couple Jim Petersson and Maria Larsson went to skate about 4000km from Chiang Mai (Thailand) down to Singapore (passing thru Malaysia thru East Coast route) to raise funds for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Read all their journey here at MrJimp Blogspot, or Mr Jim On Longboard Blog or MrJimonLongboard and tons of photos here on facebook.

They also featured on The Star on 6th Feb 2010 and a couple of other newspaper in Thai on Phuket Gazette, another one here and here.

Another Skate A Thon is coming on January 2011. Watch out for Skate Venture (tomorrow)!!!

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