Sunday, November 7, 2010


Video by Yuli of Predator Design

1st - Haris Mansor - BS 180 flip (smooth)
2nd - Adam Zari - Switch Big spin (phat & clean)
3rd - Azreen Azman - Switch FS Flip (difficulty / a bit sketchy)
4th - Alif Kaizal - BS Heel
5th - Mohd Fikri - Nollie BS Kick
6th - Keiron Brodie - Nollie BS Heel
7th - Ahmad Fadzil Musa - Double Kickflip
8th - Koya Miyasaka - FS Flip
9th - Joey Van Dessel - 360 flip (Phat)
10th - M. Muzammil Musa - Varial Flip
11th - Man Extra - Benihana
12th - Marris Khan - Pressure Flip
13th - Idzham Rahman - Caballarial

Best trick is all about everything. It doest mean you can win with a single hard trick. Its about everything. The 1st criteria is always the perfect landing. The rest is smooth, perfection, phat, technical, style, difficulty, something that never been seen (new trick). All these were counted for, not just base on one difficulty.

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Anonymous said...

giler ar num 10.

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