Thursday, November 18, 2010


This was tag on my profile yesterday night. Check out the tentative programs:

*SATURDAY-20th Nov 2010:
10.00am: skate demo (20 early participants for the demo will get certificates)
1.00-2.30 p.m: Rest, solat (prayers)
3.00-7.00 p.m: Skate demo continue, End

*SUNDAY-21st Nov 2010:
8.30am: Registration
9.30am: Skate run (round 1)
11.00am: Skate run (round 2)
12.30pm: G.O.S
1.15pm: Rest, solat
2.15pm: G.O.S (continue)
4.00pm:skate run (FINAL)

Venue: Dataran Persiaran Haji Ismail Hassan, Kluang, Johor (near Kluang Parade)

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Qhidir Fiqri Shah said...

thx skatemalaysia for support us.

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