Friday, May 8, 2015


Protes has been around for a while now (since Sept last year). Very underground, same owner produced Cinta Skateboards. According to owner Yati, Cinta will now become a hijab branding with skateboarding, feminine concept. So she started another one with the name of Protes. Current sponsored team rider are Yati, Aina, Shaf, flow team  Bell, Tasha ,Hani,  2 Afghan's team rider Hanifa, Madina and Dinah Farhanah from Singapore. Wow that's total of 6 rider and 3 flows.

Check out and follow Protes insta HERE


Hafiy Shaffary said...

boleh sponsor dari Brunei? :/

Hafiy Shaffary said...

Macam mana nak dpt sponsor? boleh sponsor dari Brunei? :/

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