Friday, March 6, 2015


Photographer & skater, Ameen Ruslan started a crowdfunding project to help fellow skater, Adam Zari. Like any other skater, Adam dreamt of skating in the US. He has been to Europe and now wants to compete at the Phoeniz Amateur skateboarding competition or PHX AM 2015 on 28-29 of March 2015.

For Ameen, Adam is one of the most pro-active and competitive skateboarder in Malaysia and possibly even in South East Asia. The campaign is to raise US$1945, which is a lot of money due to the fall of Ringgit.

But the plea is not just for skaters in Malaysia, but the Go Fund Me project is a worldwide project and seen by skaters around the world. This is also an experiment can this type of campaign actually works and fellow skaters in Malaysia can start their own campaign too.

As at 10:45am Malaysian time, 0 dollars been raised but you have 5 days left to help Adam.
If you want to know more or want to help Adam fulfil his dream go to Go Fund Me website.
Ameen also shared one of Adam’s jam session video.

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