Sunday, March 23, 2014


Ok, few people (organisers / PR) contacted us on early March and they told us about this having a private event where they claimed pros skater will come. They said its going to be on Monday and during night. Their actual planning was in PCP. Since they didnt reveal who was the pros at that time. So we suggested Kiara coz it's in the centre ok KL (well you guys can asked them to drop SS13 park or PCP later when you meet them)

So far we heard news from various people said Tony Hawk and maybe Bob Burnquist will come to Kiara tomorrow. We are not 100% sure which this is true, nothing much we can get from their pages or personal profile on facebook or instagram. But according to this event ( its Bob Burnquist. Yes this sports award will be held on the 26 march 2014 at Istana Budaya in Kuala Lumpur. 

Other source mentioned Tony Hawk 
and another source here from NST 

Last info we got from local media and pros. Tony hawk will have a special clinic with the local youth tomorrow at 5:45pm.
Organizers said its a closed private event. Other info we heard saying that it's open for public. So our advised is, just come over and have a look. Who knows they might let you in.
Lets meet the birdman himself.

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