Wednesday, December 11, 2013


The Red Bull DIY project aims to arm skateboarders across Malaysia with the know-how and skills to get a job done right, whatever that might be. The DIY initiative of the local skating community has increased lately with skaters taking to the streets to build their own unique, custom ramps and features to ride on.

This December, the call will go out to all local skaters to come together at a specially selected spot to get their hands dirty, learning the best and most efficient way to get creative and build skate features and fixtures using the spaces around them.


16 Dec: Red Bull DIY (2pm - 6pm)
17 Dec: Red Bull DIY (2pm - 6pm)
18 Dec: Red Bull DIY (2pm - 6pm)
22 Dec: Jam Session!

More details coming soon, watch this space! RSVP on Facebook to be in the know.
Follow Red Bull on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

Drop them your Name, IC Number, Contact No. at RedBullMY@RedBull.MY so they can get in touch with you for the Red Bull DIY session!

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