Monday, October 7, 2013


Kuala Kubu Downhill Skate Fest- Two days of downhill skating and sliding mayhem! The Skate Fest is scheduled for the weekends of 19th and 20th October 2013, so mark it down. Two days, includes camp out and tasty barbeque.

This year's skate fest will feature three competitions, a downhill race, a street luge race and a slide jam, spanned across two days.

KKB Freeride Downhill Skateboard Racing

Racers will be divided into heats of two; a personal race to the bottom of the techy KKB Freeride track a three hairpin and three sweeper track. Slides must be learned. mastered and used to fully survive this track.

Open Division:
Open Class division racers will be timed in qualifying through the track for positions in a two man heat elimination race. Open Division racers will race the full length of the course.

The Open Downhill Skateboarding division has a participant cap of 32

Amateur Division:
This year's Amateur Division has been slightly tweaked for the event, anyone is allowed to enter. Racers of Amateur Division will race a mere 1.13km of the track, covering a less teep and less technical portion of the track. Amateur Divisions will be a random drafting two man heats event.

The Amateur Division Downhill Skateboarding division has a participant cap of 32

Skateboard Freeriding Slide Jam:
The Slide jam will be held on the first day. The slide jam will be done on the steepest 30% gradient part of the road, requiring participants to do as many trick combos as possible on a pre-set distance of road. Participants with the higher points wins; points judged based on difficulty of tricks and cleanliness.

Longest Stand Up comp:
Longest Standie wins. Simple as that.

Registrations close 18th October 2013


RM60 for both race and slide jam, meals included for the weekend.

RM30 for Street Luge race, including meals and camp out.

RM 30 for slide jam participation, includes meals and camp out.

Part of the registration fees will be included into the prize pots for their respective divisions.

No Skin Policy or participation eliminated

Open Division and Street Luge track map:

Amateur Division track map:

Slide Jam portion:

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