Wednesday, July 10, 2013


May the light that we celebrate at Ramadan show us the way & lead us together on the path of peace & social harmony. Wish you all Happy Ramadhan Mubarak

Please Remember us and our family in your prayers, May ALLAH accept all our good deeds in higest rank. Ameen. May ALLAH forgive all Hadith of Prophet(P.B.U.H) members and thier families sins and place us all in highest level of jannah. May ALLAH bless whole Muslim umaah.

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We sent it (this Qur'an) down on a blessed night [(i.e. night of Al-Qadr, Surah No. 97) in the month of ramadan - the 9th month of the Islamic calendar]. Verily, We are ever warning [mankind that Our Torment will reach those who disbelieve in Our Oneness of Lordship and in Our Oneness of worship].
(Ad-Dukhan, Chapter #44, Verse #3)

The Day when all the secrets (deeds, prayers, fasting, etc.) will be examined (as to their truth).
(At-Tariq, Chapter #86, Verse #9)

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