Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Talent: Ikram Herman, Bazli, Am, Tekek, Firas, and others Ipoh Skateboarders (KXRO). 
Spot: Pasar Lama Ipoh. 
Video/edited: Zakirin Zahari. 
Hardware: 100% Camone Infinity, Mini Cam. 
The video was recorded for FUN. 
Enjoy skateboarding, Thank You for support. BARAI !!!


Anonymous said...

This is not a "pasar lama". Infact it is an abandoned pasar bulit by the present Perak Governmant (BN)which did not get the support of the locals. But someone had gained from this project! These youngsters have made use of this abandoned market by turning it into a skate ring. They came out with their own money, time and effort to turn this "eye sick" white elephant market building into something useful. There use to be one skate ring in Padang Polo but has been demolished and never replaced.What an innovative youngsters,bravo! I salute you all. To those skaters through out Malaysia and the world, who would like to contribute to upgrade this skate ring you are all welcome to bank into Tun Mohammad Bazli Amin's Malayan Banking Account No. 158015225819. Lets all support them for the good name of skating. Congratulation to all KXRO!

skatemalaysia said...


Kami ikut title video di youtube tu BOSS...mohon maaf segala kesilapan kami

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