Thursday, November 22, 2012


Photos by Popper Magazine

Last weekend inconjuction with Popfest – Ini Indie lah, Sibling Skateboards, Hellbent, The G Hard,  Laksamana, HZ skateboards, Santai Skateboards, Principle Footwear & Rumors organized a mini skateboard competition in the event place. There’s wasn’t suppose to be a competition. It was suppose to be a free session & skate demo only. However, due to the turnout of kids, they couldn’t let them down. The first day, they went to a 5 steps nearby and do a best trick, while on the second day, there’s a best trick competition on the flat rail sponspored by Hellbent Skateboard Co.

The results are as followed:
Best Trick (5 Stairs)
1st – Amin Rawang (Inward Heelflip)
2nd – Amni (Impossible)
3rd – Syahidil Puchung (BS heelflip)

Best Trick (Rail)
1st – Asyraf (360flip Lipslide)
2nd – Amin Rawan (Cab backlip)
3rd – Ajie Sentul (Bs Tail Bigspin out)

Kids are super talented nowdays at a very young age. Congrats to them again!
Source: Popper Magazine

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