Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Bukit Putus is a gnarly track, so gnarly, the pavement is gnar. There has long been talks on organizing a race there and getting the road repaved. But no action taken to date.

A petition has been created for us skaters to sign, but awareness and knowledge for the mere existence of the petition is as hard to find as bigfoot.

Hence, this race is organized in the hopes that the skating communities would unite, get organized, and sign a petition on the partial repaving of the gnartrack, Bukit Putus.

Bukit Putus is located on the old main road that connects one half of Negeri Sembilan to another. It is currently obsolete and only crazy motorist drifters are interested in using them. And us.

The track, approximately 3.7km long, has a considerably low speed, around 40kmph if you have a good tuck and a decent line. That's the catch. The pavement is so gnar it makes it hard for racers to even stick their lines. However, the gnar parts are only into the corners and the top part of the track. Up to a point, the track will become smooth and straight with a possible top speed of 60kmph. This will be a battle of endurance and skill as racers will need the stamina and legs to endure such a track.

The track has approximately 12 hairpins and 11 sweepers.

Two Divisions: | Open Division:

-Open for all downhill skateboarders
-Know how to stop and control drifts

Amateur Division:
(Track will only start from the last hairpin all the way to Starfresh Agropark)

-Only open to fresh downhill skateboarders who have never achieved top 5 in any competitions before.

Rules:-Helmets required | Safety pads minimum | Know how to stop (A must)


Please e-mail to with
-Name | -Contact number| -E-mail | -Nationality

Registrations open 1st September

-RM25 for open division | -RM20 for amateur division
(Food, drinks, chauffeur and shelter will be provided)

Event sponsors:
-Wheel Love | -Spitfire Skateshop | -Original Skateboards | -My Life On Board | -Roofy's Safety Ambassador | -Wildantz Skateboards

Currently looking for:
Chase car drivers | Spotters | Road Marshalls

Race track:,+Kuala+Pilah,+&hl=en&ll=2.72279,102.049255&spn=0.011531,0.021136&sll=4.18646,109.48935&sspn=11.289335,21.643066&hq=12KM+Jalan+Seremban,&hnear=Kuala+Pilah,+Negeri+Sembilan&t=m&z=16


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