Saturday, April 2, 2011


The recently concluded ECP Push Don’t Pollute Push Race was a success! March 19, 2011, a memorable day for all the longboarders in Singapore, with 86 push racers..... (read more here via My Life on Board)

Here's the result:
Mens Open
1st Dandoy Tungo (Phillipines)
2nd Huw John (New Zealand)
3rd Arjun Jimenez (Phillipines)
4th Hudson Martin (Brazil)
5th Soltis kid Villa fuerte (Phillipines)
6th Troy Bilbrough ( New Zealand)
7th Saifullah Khalid (Singapore)
8th Ali Alhadad (Singapore)
9th Fuad Abd Malik (Singapore)
10th Leck Wen Hao Daniel (Singapore)
11th Achak (Singapore)
12th Muhammad Sofee (Singapore)
13th Ow Yang Howe (Singapore)
14th Aloysius Ho (Singapore)
15th Sufyan (Singapore)
16th M Shafiq Reinuddin (Singapore)
17th Dinie (Singapore)
18th Shah Aliff (Singapore)
19th Muhammad Firdaus Daud (Singapore)
20th Yong Chern Han (Singapore)

Womens Open
1st Barbara Kozminski (Canada)
2nd Nurul Ain (Singapore)
3rd Farah Feriena (Singapore)

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