Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Date: 17th October 2010 (Sunday)
Road closure begins at 8:30am till 5pm (yes jalan tutup utk main downhill)

A meetup and also an introduction of all Gravity Sports. A VVIP from Toursim Malaysia will be there. If we need these sports to gain popularity and have it first Gravity Sports event, then your job is to come here and have fun. The road will be closed from Morning at 8 till evening at 5pm. So we have the whole day to go downhill.

All longboarders, shortboards (normal skateboards), Streetluge, Buggy Car, KSR bike, inLine skate, and many more. All of you extreme sports wheel love rider please support this event meet up.

Tentative program:
09:00am: Arrival of participants (meet @ starfresh agro park)
09:30am: Safety Briefing
10:00am: Course preparation
11-13pm: Course trial runs
13-14pm: Lunch Break
14:00pm: Arrival of VIP/s & Media
14:15pm: VIP speech & media interview
14:30pm: Gravity Sports @ Bukit Putus officially launched by VIP/s
14:45-17pm: Gravity Sports Runs
17-17:45pm: Course Clean-up
18:00pm: Day ends.

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