Tuesday, June 8, 2010


SKATE FOR UNITY 2010 is back.
Date: Saturday, 12 June 2010
Time: 15:00pm - 21:30pm
Location: Somerset Skatepark

1)Grommies Div 7 years Under (free) max 10 competitors
2)Rookies Category entry $10 Max 20 competitors
3)Open Category entry $ 10 Max 40 competitors
*event t-shirt will be provided for competitors.

20 Dischanger, Priv'e, Full Pledge Munkees, Pop Whizzee, Green Monster, Cesspit

Exhibition by Kick Komunitas Indonesia, Unkl347, Flashy, Dloops,Screamous,Thisconnect, Blindwear,God.Inc, Wadezig, Monik, Blankwear,Evil, Rockmen, Twoclothes, Airplane, Oink!, Cosmic, Horny, Nls, Arena,Barbel, Invictus, Opium, Badger, Anonim, Ouval Research ...So come on down and tell your friends about it..

Check BIGFOOT or Facebook event page for the tentative programs.

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