Friday, May 28, 2010


Received email and pic (above) from Pa'Din today. Top 3 winner as Pa'Din mentioned they have a special award for top best Asian skateboarders during the street qualifying. Well, they are on the podium with medals right? Congratulations to Pa'Din and Kieron. Dagger St Rulez! Good luck for the finals then!!

1st - Tetsaharu Sai
2nd - Pa'Din Musa
3rd - Keiron Brodie

Another clearer version of the pic HERE on KiaXGamesAsia web and HERE.

"In a closely contested Skateboard Street qualifier, Japan's Tetsuharu Sai finished first in today's qualifier, followed by Brazil's Tulio Oliveira and Malaysians Padin Musa and Kieron Brodie, Hung Chen Lu of Taiwan and Ji Hun Lee of Korea in the heavily dominated field. The six will join the four pre-qualified skaters Austen Seaholm of the United States, Juergen Horrwarth of Germany, Rodolfo Ramos of Brazil and Tyler Hendley of the United States in the final tomorrow."

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