Friday, March 28, 2008


A month ago we had Pete King from UK ripping uo KL and now Greg Nowik make a trip here. Some of you already meet him skating at Kiara & Shah Alam S13 park. Greg is a UK pro skater which he had featured in Rollin Through The Decades UK sk8 documentary, also Vans "This N That" DVD to name a few. He just got back from India before arriving here. He's currently traveling around the world with his girlfriend and will be going to Thailand after this. Greg was also friends of Jocke Olsson and Pete King. Used to skate with some of well known skaters such as Tom Penny, Alex Moul, Danny Wainwright back in the early 90's (different league but same generation). Anyway check out his video footage, profile and some others info below. He will hit Shah Alam again tomorrow. See ya there!!!

He's 34 and currently sponsored by: Wight Trash Skateboards, Globe, Death Urethane, Split, Independent (Flow), and Reskue Skateshop. Check out his massive japan air, gnarly double flips, switch treflip, and bunch of radical tricks on mini ramp. Click here for video 1 and here for video 2.

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